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There's an art to producing a great podcast -- the writing, the delivery, the use of sound. Steve grew up in a very musical family; he played drums and percussion, his father also played drums, his mother played piano and accordion, and his sister played clarinet. His most recent Golden Mike Award was for coverage of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, where he dodged gunfire and was attacked during a live report. You can clip a small part of any file to share, add to playlist, and The saga continues of floods over this blessed land of Trinidad and Tobago. Worse, he went on, citizens who fail to show proper evidence of vaccination could be cut off from their funds. Yes, you are on the scene of some gnarly stuff and yes, the demands on your time are brutal but, figure out a way to enjoy a good book, great wine (or whiskey), good friends and put it all into perspective. Hey, dont speak of exits.too much to do still!!. Statement: "Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for Americans 18-45. . Leading House Democrats shared their distaste with the budget's K-12 funding, with Minority Leader Rep. Phil GiaQuinta, D-Fort Wayne, and Rep. Greg Porter, D-Indianapolis, sharing the following . Their use of sound and writing was so inspiring. For my friends in news media, you're not above the law and you should simply cover the story, not BE the story. Steve went on to work for the PBS Affiliate in Colorado Springs where he hosted and produced many programs. Hosts like Barry Young, Bill Handel, and Tim Conway, Jr. have always been influences because of their innate sense of pulling off Theater of the Mind. But, I embrace the new tech. way to share audio! Regarding his ride along with the Tijuana Police SWAT Team (Elite Unit)."It was mind-boggling. Policies. . Share Report KFI's own Steve Gregory joins The Bill Handel Show to provide context and details on the mass shooting that took place at a dance studio in Monterey Park where people were celebrating the Lunar New Year. Steve has also won international media awards for features on the Phoenix Fire Department, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Arab-American comedians. So more later! He has also won awards for his live coverage of dramatic and violent car chases and crashes, kinda like this one. He is also the winner of numerous awards from the Associated Press, Headliner Awards, the LA Press Club and the International Association of Firefighters. Doc in California called to warn listeners about a report he heard that the pandemic set the stage for a large-scale conversion to digital currency. (816) 271-8594 Email. Bill Handel hosts Steve Gregory, who shares a few big stories he covered this week. A passerby called the police complaining of a strong stench coming from the car. The Associated Press has given him first place accolades for Best Newscast, Best Special Program, and Best Series. 1. That's a great question. The body had gone undetected for days inside the trunk in the sweltering heat. From there, Steve was hooked on radio. For businesses considering a podcast think it through. I wanted to be a symphony conductor. So continuation of the life & times of GHH is actually a step in the right direction on how to avoid future travesties of justice!! At least I don't have to carry around my old Marantz PMD-222 with D cell batteries. All because of the original cover-up by LAPD and the LADA. As more and more stations seem to be shying away from investing in investigative content I'm happy to see podcasts taking the time to do more in-depth pieces. Despite such obstacles, the show continues to do well, with a good response from audiences and law enforcement and dozens of cases under consideration for future episodes, said Gregory. Relating to Thad Browns end, I knew & was related to men like him. I really get a thrill out of using radio for good. Gregory is a six-time recipient of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award. As an investigative reporter, Steves stories have uncovered a medical billing scam in the Arizona State Prison System, forced the demotion of a Deputy Chief in the Phoenix Police Department and sped up the public confession of a serial killer in San Diego. Unsolved with Steve Gregory. Add to that what we have learned from The Early Years and the linkage of GHH to a then young Lt. Thad Brown, informs us further on WHY George Hodel was a High Jingo and Untouchable. No wonder that Chief Thad Brown drank himself to death. Management knew it would take some time for me to prep and file. now, with apps, broadband and digital recording devices, I'm expected to file much faster. My critics point out that Lt. Jemison cleared George Hodel. Not really. If this is the way Buttigieg runs his campaign, lets hope he never becomes president, Gregory recounted saying. The population at the 2010 census was 103,340 Wikipedia. To be continued, Just realizing GHHs murderous chronicles are really the tip of the iceberg Steve! TOC & Copyright He also noted that the show is often contacted by the families of crime victims whose cases have gone cold. But, the reality is we have to balance the time spent on such endeavors with the reality of getting stories on the air. Yes, we can be annoying, but we have an obligation to inform our audience about the incident. Basically, a long-form radio feature. always go to a pro. That would be his first taste of news radio.the rest, as they say, is history. Steve's investigative stories have resulted in the demotion of a deputy chief in the Phoenix Police Department; forced change on how the state deals with medical vendors within the Arizona State Corrections system; sped up the public confession of a serial killer in San Diego and exposed a mold poisoning problem at an elementary school in Los Angeles County. Steve is also very passionate about his work in teaching media relations to first responders. Steve also previews an all-new episode of 'Unsolved', airing tomorrow night at 7PM PST right here on KFI. He was duped by campaign staffers who kept him waiting at a post event meet and greet, while he claims Buttigieg was being snuck out a back door. He would go on to teach a citywide marching band and perform with a symphony for fourteen years as its principal percussionist. Best, Steve. I'm also a big fan of Brett Burkhart from KGO and Mike Sugarman from WCBS. Greg Rosalsky Reporter, Planet Money; Joel Rose Correspondent, National Desk; Steve began working on the air when he was sixteen years old. As I said previously, my clews are not the forensic type clues detectives want/need for prosecution, but do have some jump out at you instances I read in TEY that I think made GHH the murderer. The Associated Press has given him first place accolades for Best Newscast, Best Special Program, and Best Series. Kmetko came out as gay in 1999, becoming one of . But, when I had them close their eyes and listen to the first episode they were hooked. About 80 per cent of our citizens complain but do not comply to regular maintaining the roads, highways, rivers, streams and our yards. "Dick Gregory, 84, comedian, activist, author, lecturer and world famous teacher, died tonight surrounded by the members of his family of heart failure," his publicist of 50 years, Steve Jaffe,. Captain Tuttle walks us through the 2014 Colby Fire that burned 2,000+ acres in the Angeles National Forest. Please advise if this airing will be taped. He teaches media relations and crisis communications and focuses his efforts on first responders. Steve is an award-winning reporter in Los Angeles. Southland Gas Prices Still Dropping Apr 29, 2023. At one point there were more than 20 persons of interest, including a few women. Open Lines followed in the second half. Steve Gregory has spent the last 11 years at KFI-AM Los Angeles Americas most listened to News Talk Station. I understand that we in the media wield a lot of power, and I don't take it lightly. Crisis Communications | Gregory Group Media Global HELPING LAW ENFORCEMENT, PUBLIC AGENCIES, COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS ESTABLISH THE NARRATIVE EXPERIENCE FROM 'BOTH' SIDES OF THE YELLOW TAPE SERVICES * Plenary Presentations * Breakout Sessions * Hit Pieces/Investigative Journalists * One on One Training * Unique Cop/Reporter Team Teaching While dodging live gunfire he was jumped and thrown against his rental car and his cellphone stolen. First off, we have a job to do. Following the crazy high-speed pursuit last night, KFI's own Steve Gregory joins the show to share all of the information we have regarding the suspect and the sequence of events in their arrest. Steve is a seven-time recipient of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award. Sergeant Pete Hish joins the show to discuss efforts to prevent and stop cybercrime. Youre so right Patricia. Unsolved with Steve Gregory highlights some of the cases that have gone cold, hit a brick wall or just needs that one piece of evidence or witness to surface. In this episode we speak with the original detective and Yanelys brother who remembers the day he heard about his sister. He has received numerous commendations and has been awarded the Police Star. Enter to win a $250 gift card to Burke Williams Day Spa. Greg Abbott. In 2016, the California State Legislature issued a proclamation honoring Steve for his contributions to journalism. Hoping you find the right rescue dog too! Unsolved with Steve Gregory highlights some of the cases that have gone cold, hit a brick wall or just needs that one piece of evidence or witness to surface. His live broadcasts during World War 2 are amazing. All of the episodes of Unsolved with Steve Gregory are available on the iheartradio app. The television show, SPU: Special Problems Unit, is based on Steve's real-life experiences covering the LA County Mental Health Department, and the mental evaluation units of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Learn more about each member of the ABC7 news team with exclusive bios. Tech, tech, tech. it's all about new technology. I like to help clients use sound to propel the listener to another place or space. The Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra is back for Foodie Friday! They had no idea what to expect. The television reality show, Code 3 Kitchen, is based on Steve's experience living in a firehouse in Phoenix, Arizona for one week, going on every call and pitching in on day to day activities including going on grocery runs, cooking meals and washing dishes. As part of our Crime Fighter Series, we talk with United States Forest Service Captain and Arson Investigator Russel Tuttle. Todd McCarthy, dell'Hollywood Reporter, elogia l'interpretazione di Fassbender, mentre Gregory Ellwood di HitFix si complimenta con tutto il cast secondario. Thoroughly investigated. Steve has also won international media awards for features on the Phoenix Fire Department, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Arab-American comedians. Steven Gregory is 550 KFYI's field anchor and entertainment reporter. Executive Leadership Certificate Program Online, Public Safety Leadership Certificate Program, Homegrown Violent Extremism Digital Summit, The Mueller Report Analysis with Malcolm Nance, Distinguished Speaker Series Douglas Laux, Distinguished Speaker Series Malcolm Nance, Global Solutions in the Age of Homegrown Violent Extremism. They did not even attempt to investigate further, nor prohibit GHH from leaving the country while further investigating! Steve began his broadcast career in the late 80's doing 'goofy' radio bits for the brother of a friend on an FM radio show. Listen To KFI AM 640 On The iHeartRadio App! The Lone Ranger was the subject of two calls: Cornelius in Louisiana shared the theory that the masked man character was based on Bass Reeves, a former slave turned deputy US marshal, while David in Maryland argued that the Lone Ranger was modeled after Texas Ranger John Reid. 24. Oct. 12, 2015. Case #1: On November 4th, 1969 at 7:40 AM, 14-year-old Janasul Jan Roseana Marsh was found face down near a home in Lynwood. John and Ken, who seemed blindsided by the onslaught recounting of events, could only be heard giggling in the background as Gregorys dubbed the Buttigieg exit-stage-left move chicken shit.. Meet the anchors, reporters and meteorologists of KING5 in Seattle, Washington The federal program teaches forensic techniques to the next generation of arson investigators. Detectives say she was strangled with a polo shirt. Jan had a reputation of hanging with the wrong crowd, including older men. Ten have reportedly been killed, with ten others injured. Check out this great listen on Eventually, after doing bits with a buddy's brother on an FM station, I realized radio was my calling. He's also a contributor for the BBC, and has contributed to outlets in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Japan. The complete 67-minute interview which aired a week ago can be heard HERE Hish also talks about the tools he uses to track hackers and those who target the vulnerable. But, I do get a chuckle out of all this hype over podcasts. By Chris Gardner. Senior Opinion Writer Kimberly Atkins Stohr. Russian Fighter Jets Trying To 'Dogfight' U.S. Pilots Over Syria Apr 29, 2023. First working as a news anchor and reporter in the US midwest, Kmetko moved to Los Angeles, California and embarked on a 30-year career as an entertainment journalist and television news show host. Family, the out of towners in thru Mon! Podcasts may not work for every situation. You can clip a small part of any file to share, add to playlist, and It was the most disturbing story, but one of the most rewarding. And, my boss, Chris Little. Much appreciated. News Segment guests: Heidi Hollis, Kevin Randle, Live Nightly 1am - 5am EST / 10pm - 2am PST, Driving Out Demons / First Female Pharaoh, Sign up for our free CoastZone e-newsletter, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. If I unexpectedly show up with a microphone at your home or office chances are you probably did something wrong What Shows Have Been Renewed or Canceled? Investigators quickly honed in on Yanely's boyfriend as a person of interest, the problem was, the boyfriend and his family took off to Mexico before detectives could track them down. Steve grew up in Southern Colorado where his Dad worked for a phone company and his mother was a book keeper. Hes exposed mold poisoning at an elementary school in LA County, and a first-ever jail break in the LA County Jail. KFI Star Investigative Reporter Steve Gregory Hosts a Two Hour Special on 75th Anniversary of the Black Dahlia Murder to Air Sat Jan 22, 2022 8-10 PM on KFI 640 AM - Steve Hodel New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel Home Books Author News & Events Evidence Room Squad Room Blog FAQ Newsletter Media Contact Case #2: 19-year-old Michelle Diaz had 2 jobs and had applied to Arizona State University to pursue a medical career. Just click Steven Rich, data editor with the the Post's investigative team and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner . Investigators say there were many witnesses, but none are willing to come forward. . Remember, most of the time we're a guest, not the featured attraction. Newsroom Partner. From sleeping roadside in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to backstage at the Academy Awards, to dodging gunfire during riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Steve is one of the more versatile reporters in the field. 10. Tuttle also made it possible for Steve to attend the annual Wildfire Arson Investigation School at an undisclosed location in Riverside County a first for a journalist. He is the first working journalist in California to become a POST-certified (Peace Officer Standards and Training) instructor for law enforcement. BURBANK, CA. The award winning man-on-the-street reporter was appearing on the daily show to report his new finding in the case of the California groom who was recently killed by a pair of wedding crashers. About the show In the first half, investigative reporter Steve Gregory discussed his fascination with true crime, and how it led to the launch of Unsolved, his new show on KFI AM 640 radio. Notice of Non-Discrimination. 1. Love Steve Gregorys reporting. In his past life, Steve was the program manager for PBS affiliate, KTSC-TV. What made this case even more complicated is the Lynwood Police Department disbanded in 1977 and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department picked up the case, forcing a transfer of boxes of evidence and files, a lot of which were misplaced. A rare glimpse behind the headlines of the award-winning Los Angeles Times. Unsolved with Steve Gregory on Apple Podcasts 43 episodes There are more than 10,000 unsolved crimes in Southern California, most of which are homicides. Thus conscience doth makes cowards of us all. As a National Correspondent for iHeartMEDIA (KFI-AM640), Steve covers the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and SAG Awards. Steve Drummond Executive Producer, NPR News; Gary Duong Senior Marketing Manager; Colin Dwyer Reporter, Newsdesk; . Steve has won seven Edward R. Murrow Awards and dozens of Golden Mike Awards. Lately, I've become a fan of some specific NPR folks who do great work in the field. Eliza S. Airs tonight SAT Jan 22, 2022, 8-10 PM KFI 640 radio, Thanks for the heads up on this and sending us a link. He's covered the Academy Awards, the Grammys and the Emmys. Steve is also in demand as a media relations consultant to police and fire departments around the country, including regular presentations at the National Information Officers Association, the Utah Governors Safety Summit, California Peace Officers Association and the annual Utah Public Information Officers Training Conference. Steve Gregory went to college to become a band teacher but was always interested in radio, television and movies. California Man Convicted Of Killing Three Teenagers Over Doorbell Prank Apr 29, 2023. The series is produced by Steve Gregory and Jacob Gonzalez. This Sh** never stops. Reporter Steve Annear. He also serves on the board of directors of the Radio Television News Association of Southern California where he chairs the media access committee. The program also features challenging cases, the most wanted, and the investigators who work behind the scenes. Yes, Once the probable tape-recorded murder of the unknown female in the basement of the Sowden/Franklin House occurred and GHHs being informed by our mother, Dorero, he shortly thereafter split the country, thus avoiding Lt. Jemisons physical arrest. The second-year of Steve Gregory Discusses How "Unsolved" on KFI Was Created Steve Gregory will be entering his second year as the weekend host of "Unsolved" on iHeartMedia talk KFI Los Angeles (640). Spectrum News 1 anchor Lisa McRee interviews Times . Since 2007, Steve has been an adjunct media relations instructor at the LAPD Academy and has also trained officials at the California Highway Patrol, LA City/County Fire Departments, and LA County Sheriffs Department. Campside Media / Sony Music Entertainment, Suspicion | The Billionaire Murders: The hunt for the killers of Honey and Barry Sherman., KFI Hodel and Steve Gregory interview on Black Dahlia,, Tree of Life-Shangri-LA 1948- Dorothy Bowman 75-Years Later Past and Present Reunited Through Internationally Recognized Artists Vintage Serigraph, The California DOJ Meeting/Briefing with Author on Dr. George Hill Hodel as Zodiac- DoJ Handwriting Expert Analysis Opines, Cannot Exclude George Hodel as Zodiac-Dr. Hodels Full DNA Profile Made Public for Law Enforcement, Los Angeles District Attorney Lt. Frank Jemisons 1950 Black Dahlia Investigation Transcribed Interview of Dorothy Huston Hodel At Santa Monica Pier Residence, Los Angeles News Reporter and LADA Spokesperson Sandi Gibbon-A Remarkable Woman-A Remarkable Career, 2003 LAPD Black Dahlia Briefing Attending Cold Case Detectives Remain Frigid- Head Deputy DA and Chief of Detectives say, Its Solved!. In 2016, a bipartisan group of California lawmakers awarded Steve a resolution honoring his contributions to journalism and community. Bill Handel hosts Steve Gregory, who shares a few big stories he covered this week. He's my news director, but his work as a field reporter was pretty good so I know he knows how stories should sound. Sounds like you have a good connection with Steve Gregory & Unsolved. Every bit of exposure helpsremember you are the dog with a bone..keep gnawing away, Steve!! Meteorologist . Something Wicked happened in Las . Tuttle talks about how they were able to determine the cause and origin of the fire, and eventually how they found the people responsible for igniting it. Officials say the CJNG is responsible for more than one third of all the illegal drugs entering the United States and has a huge footprint on illicit drugs coming into Southern California. the. Steve is an award-winning reporter in Los Angeles. Policies. But, then I settled on a high school music teacher. La pellicola, . . From sleeping roadside in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to backstage at the Academy Awards, Steve is one of the more versatile reporters in the field. They see the value. That's been driving a lot of what I do, and how I do it. Hish not only outlines some interesting cases he also offers some advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime. In the summer of 2005, the body of 15-year-old Yanely Ulloa was found stuffed into the trunk of a BMW. He is a first-place winner of more than 30 Golden Mike Awards for his coverage of breaking news, features, and investigative series. Vote Center Opens For Sierra Madre Special Election Apr 29, 2023. He was also sent to the scene of a 7.0 Earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska. He is also Californias first working journalist to become a Peace Officer Standards Training (POST)-certified instructor. Reporter Elizabeth Koh. Keep up the great work! I've seen too many reporters ruin their reputations and credibility because they act like they're entitled to something. If you have a case for us to consider, email the team at: [email protected]. Steve Booher Director of News and Content . Steve has covered some of the nations biggest stories. What are the absolute must listen to rock songs for someone just getting into rock. I helped a major airline develop their first podcast. , Patricia O: Gregory said while appearing on KFI 690 John and Ken show Friday The Associated Press has given him first place accolades for Best Newscast, Best Special Program, and Best Series. We also welcomed some new detectives to the program from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and the Pomona Police Department. the, TOC & Copyright . Plus, the 24 hour news cycle demands that I file faster. Reporter Diti Kohli. I remember carrying a roll of quarters in the glove compartment so I could file audio from payphones. Steve was in New Orleans just hours after Hurricane Katrina, was in the middle of riots in Ferguson, MO, and has been on the front lines of numerous wildfires in Arizona and California. fasting for clarity in relationship,

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